And so this is Christmas lalalalaaaaa…AND A VERY VERY HAPPY 2019 TO ALL OF YOU !!!

Playa Blanca is decorated…Playa Blanca is stunning… I love Playa Blanca and Christmas. It is such a special atmosphere that even if you don’t like Christmas…(I didn’t before)…I think you will.

And Christmas and New Year means…friends…and friends, and friends, and …dinner…ooooohhh soooo much dinner…now I have to swim (in a little too cold ocean) to burn the calories…;-))))

And if there’s no party, there is French cheese 😉 our friends offered us …

But off course there are so many walks to do, so off we went, take the Jeep or the motorcycle, drive somewhere and walk for hours enjoying all the beautiful landscapes…

mmm this is gliding a bit like snow… 😉 funny anyway…

Wauwww this is amazing…!

Do you remember the ‘Belen’? Lanzarote’s Christmas tradition, a remake of the island on little scale…

The Ayuntamiento (town hall) constructing the famous Belen..

The result :

Our boys wishing you a very happy New Year! Tashi had an operation again ;-( we were very worried about him, but he is ok now…I am sure I am the Veterinary’s best client with this little boy…let’s cross the fingers he’ll be ok for 2019….

Ok, I’ll put the Christmas clothes on and what do I get now???

We also wish you all the best for 2019 !