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Sa t'sam

Preparing for the artisanal market in Teguise

S'art'sam Posted on Sat, February 02, 2019 01:32:11

Dear friends,

as you know I’ve started this nice, new Art project, and it goes on and on which makes me very very happy ! recently I had several orders and it makes me joyful and glad !

there is one hell of an artisanal market, called the market of Teguise, on Sunday morning, I am preparing to get a place there but as you know administration here is not the most easy thing to go through, there are loads of papers to collect in my hometown first and only if I have everything and show my project I can ask an agreement at the townhall of Teguise which will take another 2 or 3 months. At the end they will give me a place for 6 months to start. So it could take quite a lot of time, but I don’t lose faith 😉

Some Teguise pictures :

And some of my new work, which I suppose some of you already saw on my FB page, but for the ones who didn’t, I invite you to take a look and hope you’ll enjoy…

If you feel for it, please follow my FB page :

Have a nice day and see you soon in Belgium ! smiley

Rainy Lanzarote…

Life in Lanzarote Posted on Sat, February 02, 2019 01:07:12

Dear friends,

Nooooo off course I wouldn’t dare to complain because I know that you guys are having snow right now, but nevertheless I wil complain a little bit 😉 ok?

We off course have a very nice climate and if you take a look at the temperatures it is nice, often over 20 degrees but we had several rain showers since I am back on the island. You will off course tell me that it’s not a big thing, and you are absolutely right butttt… as we all live outside most of the time, don’t have heaters, neither do pubs or restaurants, it feels rather weird. No Jeep drive because you don’t want to get stuck in the mud, no outside restaurant because you can have some nice shower on your head, no bicycling because you don’t even have bought a raincoat… Off course, dear friends, I exaggerate, it is a wonderful island with most wonderful views, even exceptional when it rains or rained, take a look…

I have one favorite restaurant here in Playa Blanca, perfect price-quality, and they’ve put the heaters on the terrace, I was so glad that I was sitting beside one of those big things, gently asking the waiter to put it on and guess what ?? he told me ‘ooooh these things don’t work, the boss put it over here to attract people’…. yeah right…. smileysmiley