Some new stuff…

I now search for a nice piece of wood to put the music on 😉

as we are near to the ocean I think it’s a nice idea to show a whale 😉

i know …cats are not new, but some want them different, some want them bigger, this one is middle-sized and waiting for his new owner …

new friends in the garden, the lizards are a little jealous 😉

the rusting process takes time… twin cats for my neighbors Monika x Hans

Sophie’s sun and moon, in fact it’s ready but I expose it to the sun, so it will still change a little…

A mom asked me for a Snoopy, I made this today, soon I will cut the metal, and then we are waiting for the rusting process again… Snoopy was one of my favorites being a teenager, nice to make it !

one of the new projects will be the famous Canarian hunting dog named ‘Podenco’, I will offer some to the Kennel Klub, a little organization that takes care of abandoned or mistreated dogs, they regularly organise sale events so I hope they can sell some.. but first I’ll have to draw, cut, rust… to be followed