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Open house @ Kruitfabriek 8 x 9 / 9

International Shiatsu Academy Posted on Sat, September 08, 2018 14:39:53

The Open House in collaboration with Studio World Tree is going on…right now, while I am writing this blog…

I am such a lucky person to have Hilde x Cinthia, most wonderful persons, representing Sa t’sam.

Thanks to these girls ! and wait and see which direction our Academy will take from now on as a lot of things changed since I left Belgium…

Another Open House will be organized on the 22 th of September, (14 – 17 o clock) please do subscribe if you would like to come

Place to be :
De Kruitfabriek
Steenkaai 44 D
1800 Vilvoorde

C u there maybe ? smiley

Open house @ Kruitfabriek

International Shiatsu Academy Posted on Fri, July 06, 2018 18:03:18

Audrey from Studio World Tree HERSELF @ work @ her and (so also our 😉 new location

‘THE KRUITFABRIEK’ Steenkaai 44 D, Vilvoorde

I am sure she will make it an amazing place to be, as she is an amazing woman !

I am very glad to join her adventure !

Open house Sa t’sam International Shiatsu Academy
@ the Kruitfabriek
Steenkaai 44 D, 1800 Vilvoorde
22-9-2018 @ 14 o clock
free meditation, free Shiatsu initiation


New location x Open house

International Shiatsu Academy Posted on Sat, June 09, 2018 13:12:58

Dear students, dear friends,


From September 2018 we move on with Audrey’s “Studio World Tree” @ the hip and artistic site ‘De Kruitfabriek’, Steenkaai 44D @ Vilvoorde

I am very happy to join Audrey’s project because I love this site, right in between the Canal Brussels – Vilvoorde and the Zenne, so there is water on both sides which gives a very special feeling…
There are so many positive vibes, there is a wonderful garden which we can use when it’s good weather, people are cultivating herbs and plants and it is a real dream for artists.

Audrey will offer us her wonderful space, nicely decorated, I am really impatient to start new Shiatsu courses over there!

We organise our OPEN HOUSE on the 22-9-2018 @ 14 o clock (till 17)
Program :
free meditation
free Shiatsu initiation
everybody welcome but please just subscribe by mail ( or sms (0475919498)

Let’s make it a hell of a dayyy !! BE THERE !

Above is Audrey’s space Studio World Tree and so also ours on Saturdays…

Above : Canal Brussels – Vilvoorde

Intensive Shiatsu course ;-)

International Shiatsu Academy Posted on Mon, May 07, 2018 23:15:23

For the first time I’ve organized an intensive workshop completing our second cycle of Shiatsu. We were getting in shape all together 😉

It was just wonderful… ! and we were not tired @ all…no no no no not @ all (you believe me ??)

It’s true that it was a little race against the clock but it was so very joyful and interesting. And we had lots of lovely neighbors willing to receive a Shiatsu treatment.
So we prepared us every day to give the best to all this lovely people.

And yés we started @ nine o’clock, I’m sure you won’t believe me, but we did…

We gave Moxa treatment; a treatment with heated plants and we made compresses of ginger.

We learned ‘Quick’ Shiatsu, ‘barefoot’ and ‘lateral’ Shiatsu.

We did Kobido (facial massage) as well :

We also practiced Shiatsu on a chair 😉
And off course an introduction to foot reflexology as well :

We also learned the Masunaga Zen stretchings and lots of other things…

We had a wonderful week, really ! We shared friendship and knowledge and were having a great time.

And the reason I choose these …cat pictures…is…because my student Cinthia is also a Shiatsu practitioner on horses and…dogs… So believe me, my doggie guys enjoyed her company and her…free time 😉

Oscar ran on the stairs to follow the Shiatsu course and as soon as the course finished he exposed himself in front of Cinthia begging her for a nice treatment…

Enjoy some pictures :

Oscar throwing himself on the ground begging Cinthia :

Tashi nearly fell asleep in her soft hands :

Not one, but two jealous guys :

And guess what ?, When she left… they were both staring @ me and it was my turn to give them a lovely Shiatsu treatment… They now are very very spoiled Shiatsu guys 😉

Tashi prefers a soft massage table for his 10-year old bones 😉

It was a fabulous week, really ! I enjoyed it !


Open house / Portes Ouvertes

International Shiatsu Academy Posted on Fri, September 01, 2017 22:01:49

Open house
Portes ouvertes

16 / 09 / 2017
14 – 17 u/h

Place to be :
Studio World Tree
Groenstraat 7
1800 Vilvoorde

Kom en ontdek Shiatsu / Drukpuntmassage.
Venez et découvrez le Shiatsu / Acupressure.

Leer eenvoudige technieken en pas Shiatsu toe op je kids, familie enz. Als je zin hebt kan je ook de volledige professionele opleiding volgen.
Apprenez des techniques simples afin de pouvoir effectuer un Shiatsu sur vos enfants, famille etc. Si vous le désirez vous pouvez également suivre la formation professionnelle.

Iedereen welkom, maar juist graag effe inschrijven
Tout le monde le bienvenu, mais veuillez juste vous inscrire