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October retreat

Lanzarote retreats Posted on Sat, October 13, 2018 01:36:50

Hello dear friends,

We’ve just finished the october retreat. The weather was very lovely which means in fact very hot with very warm nights just as last year when I finally decided to buy a mobile airco because of the terrible heat in our room (south off course 😉

Please enjoy the pictures below..

One of the first days of the retreat we were so happy to meet these beautiful creatures of nature. It was a real gift, they were crossing the road, we could almost touch them, they came all down from the mountains continuing gently to the goat farm.

In the meanwhile our little Oscar was so unhappy to hurt himself badly (an open wound in his neck) = vet visit and this horrible thing around his neck for more than a week and (grr) antibiotics.. till now we couldn’t find out how it happened. Luckily he’s better now, good old Oscar is back 😉 jumping and running… On the photo below he needed a bit of love and understanding…

When we meditate, we off course go Jeep driving in the sand 😉 and then walk down to be as near as we can to the water (what an exercise 😉

The magical colors of Los Hervideros, one of the island most beautiful sites…

A meditation near to one of the ‘natural pools’ with stunning views…

Oh, euh, no we don’t need to meditate all the time, do we ?

One of Cesar Manrique’s favorite spots were the mountains of Famara.. It nearly turns into a mystic place when the clouds move on over the mountains.

We had a nice walk to one of the most stunning beaches from the island called Papagayo with clear blue water and sandy beaches. The whole site is protected by Unesco.

Another fabulous walk till the ‘center’ of a volcano, I couldn’t ever describe the feeling you have when you enter in the crater…


Another walk around a Volcano named ‘Montana Roja’ I suppose you will ask yourself why? 😉

And then there were… dolphins… As an additional excursion and for those who don’t suffer from sea sickness off course, we now propose to go on ‘dolphin’ or ‘whale’ spotting’. As they have a large ‘playground’ you are never sure to meet them but this time we were extremely lucky to see a lot of them, playing around the boat, jumping and following us, it was an incredible experience which words could never ever describe…

You are already so lucky to see them, you try to make this one shot of the sunset and you are so blessed to have one of them jumping in front of you, making this sunset even more special…

See you soon… Wednesday the 17th i’m leaving for Belgium, looking forward to see my belgian friends !


New retreats after the holidays

Lanzarote retreats Posted on Sat, September 08, 2018 14:47:00

We are really looking forward to meet our new guests in the coming months.

As you know we still discover new spots since we have the Jeep, passing nearly everywhere on the island.

At morning it’s time to have breakfast and ‘ressource’ ourselves in quiet places near to the ocean, mountains or volcanoes. We enjoy meditation, breathing, music…

After lunch we start visiting the most beautiful spots of the island. And off course there is always time for a swim in the meanwhile.

Hope to welcome you once, who knows ?

Future retreats in May and June

Lanzarote retreats Posted on Thu, April 05, 2018 17:14:39

We organise new retreats in May and June…

If you feel for relaxing @ the most beautiful of the Canarian Islands (yes I think it is 😉 feel free to contact me!

We start every day with a nice breakfast, then we go to lovely different spots to meditate, or sing, or doing some creative things depending on the personality of each of us.
We come back for a salad bar and then we leave to discover the most beautiful spots on the islands such as the volcanoes, nice walking pads, unknown beaches, work of island’s most famous artist Cesar Manrique, artistic markets etc
The evening we have our dinner and after dinner you can enjoy the incredible sunset or have a nice walk, or just relax…

You will enjoy a lovely retreat where you will relax, breathe, be in contact with yourself, discover most fabulous spots x for sure forget your daily worries.

October retreat

Lanzarote retreats Posted on Mon, October 30, 2017 22:53:07

Did I tell you August was hot ?
So was September…
So was … October…
Luckily the week of the retreat was a little colder (I said ‘a little’ ok ? 😉

A retreat full of lang walks, nice discoveries, lots of laughter and lots of friendship.
Each time people come to our place, I feel so terribly lucky! It is so wonderful to share thoughts, stunning landscapes, impressions, feelings. It is so very interesting to discover the soul of another human being. Sometimes I feel so different, sometimes we seem the same, but every time it is just so wonderful to observe how another person lives, acts, thinks. Maybe we seem not being the same, but for me, believing we are a creation of the Universe, we are. Every time again, it is an opportunity to learn, I am so grateful that Life showed me this wonderful opportunity.

Again, this time, the retreat was just fantastic.
When I had the idea of retreats @ the time, I knew that I would have something to discover, to learn and above all, to accept. As the Universe is the best teacher ever, we received some students, and friends, as well as perfect strangers whom I’ve phoned or saw briefly. But every time it was the same magnificent experience. So what I have really learned is living together. Me, the eternal ‘loner’ had to accept other beautiful beings around. Me, the ‘decision maker’, the one who works on her one, had to accept other’s ideas or propositions, and in fact, it’s just great ! I discovered a lot of things through the wonderful ideas of others. It is just great to open your mind, to accept the personality of the other one, to discover the world he lives in, the way he thinks, reacts, and even how different we seem to be, to accept and respect each other with Love.
And what about organisation ? As, from my childhood, I try to follow my heart and my intuition… But then, one day, I became a Shiatsu teacher and now an organisator of retreats.. so Oh My God, I needed a plan… An adaptable one off course, but ‘A Plan’, how small it might be, I needed one. So I tried, again and again, I tried to create a minimum of structure, which in my mind is not that easy, since I think about 30 things in one second and change subject @ least 3 times in a minute 😉 as my thinking is like a child.. So it was pretty hard, but after a few years it seems to work out better, it seems I’m getting a little better every year 😉
And now, the challenge is, how to flow on the Tide of Life with A Plan…

To be followed smiley

First Retreats

Lanzarote retreats Posted on Sat, September 02, 2017 00:02:25

We were so happy to welcome some lovely people in our house for the retreats we’ve organized last months.

With a little fear and not knowing @ all how it would happen we started our new adventure…

It was absolutely fabulous, we had plenty of friendship, nice exchanges, lots of discoveries and above all, simply Love.

As it was not only a way for discovering people it was most of all a way to discover myself, I had to find a way between intuition and organisation, between respecting the other person and respecting myself. Listening to the needs of others whether is was emotionally or physically. But it was such a rich experience that again I thank Life for every single moment I’ve spent with those lovely people !

If you want to join us please check our website :